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Please send your C.V. and a cover letter with a detailed description of your background and your interests in working at E25Bio. Inquiries should be sent to bbherrera[at]


About E25Bio: 

Fever syndromes account for over 1 billion episodes annually and are one of the most common reasons to seek care worldwide. For the nearly 3 billion people who live in the equatorial belt a high fever can signal the onset of potentially deadly infectious diseases.

We diagnose fevers with simple, yet robust Rapid Diagnostic Tests. Existing solutions rely heavily on centralized laboratory equipment and trained staff, cold chain for specimen transport, and hub-and-spoke reporting mechanisms for data. Our innovations aim to provide people with a much simpler alternative: to identify infectious diseases in time to avoid serious complications and death. Through early and accurate screening, we can help equip the right patient with the right treatment at the right time.

Our innovation starts with an antibody discovery process that is more efficient than current methods. We use this to scientifically iterate faster and find better-performing antibody pairs more predictably. We then translate these optimal antibody pairs into cheaper, point-of-care Rapid Diagnostic Tests. Our approach enables patients to use their own diagnosis of “high fever” to trigger a self-test at home, instead of requiring a clinician to first perform an examination and central lab referral. This technology democratizes first-line defense against fever-causing infectious diseases.

Founded by Drs. Irene Bosch and Bobby Brooke Herrera, and MIT Professor Lee Gehrke, E25Bio is a Tough Tech company at The Engine (MIT) in Cambridge, MA, where our office and laboratory is located.



You will be at the cutting edge of biodiscovery, working with an interdisciplinary team to curate and experimentally characterize valuable new mouse and human monoclonal antibodies and viral, bacterial and/or parasitic antigens. You will be expected to spearhead experimental efforts, learn and adapt new biochemical and immunological techniques, and work efficiently within a small research team. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record in execution and completion of diverse research projects, ability to rapidly iterate experiments, a strong desire to learn, and the self-motivation to push projects independently.


We’re looking for an experienced Scientist with:

  • Bachelors or Masters in molecular biology, biochemistry, systems biology, immunology, virology, microbiology or a related field
  • Demonstrated ability across multiple projects to learn new techniques and technologies quickly and execute them toward high impact results
  • Strong work ethic, motivation, creativity, scientific curiosity
  • At least 4-6 years of experimental research experience (industry or academic)

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Ability to start December 1, 2020
  • PhD in molecular biology, biochemistry, systems biology, immunology, virology, microbiology or a related field
  • Previous experience working with BSL-2 and/or -3 pathogens (e.g. Zika, dengue, chikungunya viruses)
  • Previous experience with mammalian and/or insect cell culture
  • Previous experience with molecular biological and biochemical techniques including DNA/RNA extraction, DNA/RNA electrophoresis, RT-PCR, Western blot, protein purification (e.g. affinity chromatography, size exclusion chromatography), cloning (e.g. restriction enzymes, Gateway, Gibson)
  • Previous experience with immunological techniques including ELISA, Flow cytometry/FACS
  • Previous experience with next-generation sequencing
  • Previous experience with nanoparticle chemistry
  • Ability to travel and conduct research in low- and middle-income countries (e.g. Colombia, Brazil)
  • Proficient in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Prism, and MatLab, Python, and/or R


Additional Details:

  • Competitive salary and equity-based compensation

E25Bio is committed to providing equal employment opportunities in all employment practices. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, citizenship status, marital status, age, disability, protected veteran status, sexual orientation or any other characteristic protected by law.

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