Irene Bosch

Phd. Co-founder & CTO.

My career has focused on epidemic viruses, in particular I have been interested in tropical infectious diseases, and viral infections transmitted by mosquito bites are on the top of that list because they are the cause of the largest epidemics worldwide, only second to Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020.

My last adventure was to leave the comfort of a thriving academic research environment to start-up a company, E25Bio Inc., seeking both federal funds as well as private funds to develop affordable rapid diagnostics for epidemic diseases worldwide. The idea is, the sooner one can report and track an epidemic, the sooner it can be controlled. Especially, diseases that affect millions each year and do not have any antidote, vaccine or drug that can attenuate their epidemic spread.

E25Bio is a spin off company from the MIT lab where such diagnostic devices were invented by a group of talented individuals. The idea was to construct a platform that would generate high quality antibodies. These antibodies would bind to circulating virus proteins and detect the virus in the in the bloodstream via testing of a small amount of blood or blood component with a simple device with no moving parts. The virus detection tests could be also read by a phone app, do not require a trained person to to interpret the tests and the systematic gathering of the data would create the opportunity for fast reporting digital solution in “real time”. We hope to build such transforming idea incorporating a “bottom to top” public health response by using the diagnostic tests to initiate the chain of actions: Faster data, faster solutions, better outcomes.

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Other scientists also contribute to enabling rapid, accurate diagnosis of infectious disease at the point of care.

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