About us

E25Bio has a faster and more accurate process for identifying monoclonal antibody pairs and functionalized nanoparticles for detection of specific viruses. The improved precision allows for testing on a variety of human samples such as whole blood and nasal swabs, and that enables our rapid diagnostic tests to reach lower in the healthcare system from clinics, pharmacies, and into the home.
We aim to identify active infections in time to avoid serious complications and death. Through early and accurate screening, we help equip the right patient with the right treatment at the right time.

Meet the team

Of scientists who invented and are developing an inexpensive yet accurate means of testing for COVID-19 and the people making it happen

Prashant Chouta


Bobby Brooke Herrera, PhD

Co-founder & CSO

Carlos-Henri Ferré, MA

Director of Operations and Communications

Brena Sena

Clinical Trial Lead / Regulatory Affairs Manager

Nol Salcedo, MSc


Xiying Qu, Ph.D


Our investors


Without them, E25Bio wouldn’t be what it is today. So, the least we can do is to mention them.